Message from the President

Packaging has played a role as the messenger for culture offering various products, including foods, equally to people worldwide and transcending space and time. Plastic films package all things at one-tenth the price of tins and one-fifth the price of glass, and boast excellent packaging features as rustless, unbreakable, light, impressionable, and safe items. By applying gravure printing to these plastic films, information such as the package contents, when and where the product was produced, the weight of the product, and its handling instructions, is available at a glance. As shown above, gravure printing applies to packaging materials for food and medicine essential for humans, and hence occupies an important role as a bearer of printing culture, or printing words culture to explain the contents of the package.

Under the slogan “We shall offer products with stable quality with which our customers are satisfied, and comply with prescribed delivery due dates,” our company, as a pioneer of the total package, has consistently challenged new agendas by leveraging the storage and experience synonymous with long tradition. These challenges include research into water-based printing systems that are friendly to the global environment while satisfying economic efficiency requirements, and the development of resource-saving technologies for products using limited oil. Under the theme “Environment, safety and health,” we are committed to pursuing company-wide initiatives to become an only one company, not a No. 1 company with a dominating presence in gravure printing. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in future.
Yuji Kawada
corporate product development
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